Wednesday, September 19, 2007

If I was Copeland I`d leave Destiny now

After reading this report regarding the Destiny church party stuff-up it confirmed most things I have suspected. This is worth reading too for a laugh.

Gordon Copeland is a good MP who has been sucked into an arrangement by a bunch of ego-tripping idiots who couldn't arrange a pissup in a brewery, let alone a conference to communicate basic information to the media. Destiny didn't even bother to let Copeland know of details of a media conference that involved the announcement of a party where Copeland is co-leader. And because they didn't tell Copeland that they were going to announce Lewis as leader they decided not to announce Copeland as leader either.

Any other party would have arranged a media conference with the two co-leaders and advised people the truth about the group that set it up.When TV3 News rang around today they found no senior clergymen or representatives have signed up at all except Tamaki.So already the party is has too much Destiny inolvement, whish would lessen appeal.

Copeland met his co-leader Richard Lewis for two hours today and later said Lewis had "profusely apologised" for his "error of judgement" in not telling the MP about the announcement, despite giving an undertaking he would do so.

If I was Gordon Copeland, I`d start the process and leave the Destiny lot now and concentrate on Future New Zealand. Actually, I think he will. Then Destiny can go ahead and name their party Destiny's Child for all I care. Feedback I am getting is that many church and Christian leaders don't like what is going on. They would like one unified Christian vehicle as long as it is not dominated by Destiny. Destiny just dont get along with other denominations unless it is on their own terms - and when it is on their own terms they invariably stuff it up.

My original post on yesterday's developments is here

and a MAJOR UPDATE to hand, Copeland - well Future New Zealand - is cutting off all discussions involving Lewis/Tamaki. I have been told something will be on Morning Report tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

In my household the overall feeling was Gordon should get rid of this lot right now.
They have already damaged his reputation and realistically what can he expect in the future.

If destiney had just cancelled their org and left it at that it would have been ok.
But Bishop Brian had to grandstand and in doing so l;eft all here thinking Richard was his lapdog.
hence the whole thing is defunct and Gordon shouldn't touch it with a bargepole.
We (47, 47, 74) will vote for him as our local MP as we know he is of good repute, but have grave reservations if Bishop Brian is involved as he showed today.