Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Catholic matchmaking

Are you a Catholic? Looking for love? Well, check out Catholic Matchmaker Just a warning. It's not for all Catholics - only a certain kind of Catholic.

If you want to register you must reflect the teachings of the Catholic Church in New Zealand - and the world (is there a difference?), and cannot condone or assist in relationships that are expressly against the teachings of the church. In other words if you are gay, divorced, married or in a civil union, like premarital sex, use contraceptives or are a Catholic Priest, don't bother to join. According to some in the Church, marriage should be the potential goal.

The AIDS Foundation don`t like it because gays are excluded and they say that it is discriminatory. Yet, if this site reflects the teachings of the Church, it is no more discriminatory than refusing people who will have pre-marital sex - which so happens to be all sexually active gay people (who, according to the AIDS Foundstion should ALL be wearing contraceptives,) and probably a great deal of heterosexual peole as well. It is no more discriminatory than refusing people who plan to use contraceptives even after they get married - so why don't the contraceptive-supporting AIDS Foundation point this out as well - or is the Foundation still a front for gay people?

The site is run by a Catholic couple who met over the Internet and will be launched on September 29 to coincide with the feast of Raphael, the patron saint of happy meetings.

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happy endings,, lol

Don't Asian massuses say that