Thursday, September 20, 2007

Gone by launchtime

It was always clear that Gordon Copeland was not happy being co-leader with Richard Lewis in this new Christian party. Today he has confirmed that he will not be co-leader with Richard Lewis. Good. It Is Finished.

This leaves several options given that Destiny is now deregistered if Tamaki is to be believed:

Destiny re-registers as Destiny Party and everyone in the Electoral Commission has a good laugh.

Destiny goes off on its own without Copeland and Lewis is the leader under Destiny Party Mk2.

Copeland is leader of a new party or co-leader with someone else and Lewis takes another role.

Future New Zealand, Copeland's party registers with the Electoral Commission.

Two and four combined seem likely.

Whatever, this was Tamaki's ego that undid this, and Copeland has not spoken to Tamaki since the media conference. But remember, this party doesnt exist yet, and Destiny was not authorised to announce anything about co-leadership at the media conference. In terms of Future New Zeland that will continue to be registered as they have no official ties with Destiny.

Copeland should formally announce that he is not going to be involved in a party where Brian Tamaki has any role and get out now, even if Lewis steps down as co-leader because Tamaki is on the advisory board and his ego means that he will demand a role somewhere. Copeland will get more support from the media and the Christian and political communities if he takes this stance than if he continues to liaise with Tamaki and Lewis as the trust has already gone.

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