Thursday, September 20, 2007

Paul Adams is sad

NB this post has been condensed this afternoon.

The news that Gordon Copeland has withdrawn from the new Christian Party has saddened Paul Adams who appears to have been on the advisory council or had a role in its formation. Adams was an anti-gay United Future MP. The very fact that Adams is sad means that Copeland has done the right thing in leaving the leadership of this new party.

Interesting that Adams thinks transparency in politics is “sadly lacking” when he, as a key player, appears to condone the lack of transparency in the past few days.
Future NZ has issued a media release stating the party was on hold at the request of the new party`s Advisory Council, of which only one person has been publicly named – Brian Tamaki. If Copeland and his Future NZ co-leader Larry Baldock go ahead with the registration of a party under the National Advisory Council, it will be in their best interests not to include such a heavy Destiny presence.

And a member of the National Advisory Council has issued a release which is a straight out grumpy release criticising Future NZ. One council member criticising others in public. Sour grapes. But did you know that the media release was released and written by a Destiny PR person? Yeah, Without The Capital Letters As Well.

I`ve just had a chat to Gordon Copeland. He`s pretty angry with Tamaki and Lewis and disappointed with some advisory council members. He is currently staying right away from all the hoo-hah, but will remain in touch with the advisory group which will re-rorganise a new party without Lewis or Tamaki as leaders - although Destiny may be on the the advisory board, meaning Lewis has no role because that role will go to Tamaki as he is the bishop.

What this group needs is some good PR this time to prevent Tamaki having any role in calling the shots as he was doing on Tuesday when he hijacked the media conference to massage his own ego. It was Tamaki who decided half an hour before the media conference to name one co-leader of the new party. I wouildnt be surprised if Tamiki had a role in the advisory council menbers release either.

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