Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Destiny church announcent

Destiny Church leader Brian Tamaki made an announcement today about the future of the Destiny Party. I didn't hear the media conference that was broadcast live over the Internet but apparently Destiny Church has posted it on YouTube - and there is no media release.

However the Party is disbanding and a new party is to be created in about four weeks with Destiny leader Richard Lewis and another leader which has not been announced. I wouldn`t be surprised if it was Mark Mortlock unless he has declined an offer. Sounds like current politicians are not part of this new party unless it is Copeland that is the new co-leader.

If Copeland is not the leader, this party will potentially be more likely to split the Christian vote than the current political arrangements. However I`m predicting that the party will not have broad Christian support despite key denominational figures being involved.

In terms of Christian politics, it makes a mockery of Tamaki's prophesy that Destiny would be the Government in 2008. I suspect most Christians would just laugh at the party and vote National or whomever else they were going to vote for.

UPDATE The media conference is on YouTube here
The New leader is Copeland I like Gordon Copeland - he's the most measured of the Christian bunch. But why on earth didn't they announce that at the media conference just two hours or so ago? Perhaps it was because they didn`t tell Copeland who his co-leader was. Copeland appears unhappy that Lewis has been chosen as his co-leader. He appears to have found out via media and is reportedly surprised. Not a good start. Copeland is a Roman Catholic. He has a bishop. That Bishop is not Brian. Oh, the irony... Will there be a fight between Copeland and Lewis as to the number 1/2 spots on the list? Will any diasagreement get elevated to the bishops- will there be a big bishopric bitchfight? Will God notice? Will it matter anyway....

UPDATE 2 Oh, this is a mess! After the Destiny Church media person e-mailed me and told me that there would be no media release after the Press Conference, they've gone and done one. Go and have a read. Count the spelling mistakes. Every Single Word Is In Capital Letters!


karl said...

I only found two. "Party's" instead of "parties" and "Parlaiment" instead of parliament".

However, the capitalised thing was really strange , it wasn't just the simple "forgot caps lock" stuff.

I wonder if he really means to "unify" (reduce to unity or uniformity) or if he meant "unite" (join together). Could spell problems for such a diverse group if he did mean "unify"

Anonymous said...

This just makes it easier on voting day.
One less party to worry about.
So Now No

Destiny Not

It's getting simpler by the day.
Now lets see what the remainder have to say about 80% polls.

A. J. Chesswas said...

u mean Peter Mortlock right?

Dave said...

Yeah probably