Thursday, August 23, 2007

Labour is really desperate

After the strategy to attack John Key's addresses backfired, Labour was back for more today - this time about Key being in business with some people four years after they allegedly designed and built a leaky home.
Labour has lost the plot. You wonder what will happen next, as Colin Espiner says
What’s next? A breathless account about how Key failed to return his overdue books to the Christchurch Public Library in 1973? A thunderous denunciation of the National leader for failing to donate to a boy scout fundraising drive?

Labour’s strategy is clear enough - to make Key appear shifty and untruthful. But running a personal attack campaign is risky at the best of times, and usually only succeeds if public sympathy rests with the attacker, rather than the attacked.

(Labour) should get on with governing the country. That’s what Labour was elected to do - and the only thing that will give it any chance of doing again in 2008. Not making wet bus ticket attacks on Key, which only serve to underline just how serious a threat Labour believes he is.

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Anonymous said...

Labour are their leader and are bankrupt and corrupt in all their ways.

I am looking forward to breaking the "shut us up in an election year" law on parliaments steps in 2008.

The Labour leadership group are thieves, they made a decision to steal from us (the taxpayer) and only paid it back when they had changed the law to protect themselves.

In that the whole Labour caucus are thieves and dishonest and we can only say this because of the courage of one man who stood up to Helen Clark and her regime.