Tuesday, August 21, 2007

How terrible! John Key has been to a strip club!

This is shocking news! John Key has been to a strip club. Who cares. Helen Clark says that is not "appropriate entertainment". Someone should photoshop her as a pole dancer - its the only way she`ll get ahead in the poles.

Anyway, this is news? Why don`t they write about Labour people who go to massage parlours and Destiny Churches. Why don't the media get their cameras out and go to Boobs on Bikes tomorrow and see how many MPs and kids are there - to look at the bikes, of course. Nice bikes they will have, too. Should be all over YouTube tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

The male Aussie MPs are lining up to admit that they've all been to strip clubs, and Key is jumping on the bandwagon. Meanwhile Clark makes herself look like a prude again.