Sunday, August 26, 2007

Children's Commissioner is an expert

The Children's Commissioner Cindy Kiro has hit back at Christine Rankin after Rankin criticised her for not attending a child abuse march yesterday. Dr Kiro says the organisers, including the Sensible Sentencing Trust, should leave the experts deal with the problem. She says most credible child protection agencies would not have bothered attending the march either.

Thats the problem. The experts are not dealing with the problems of child abuse, all they are doing is making positive noises about prevention with no associated action or outcomes. Somebody has to speak up in their absence. It's pretty rich for Kiro to say that we have to support parents to care for children when the Government refuses to fund any broad-based parenting support apart from telling people they can't smack their kids, and sees nothing wrong with women shacking up with boyfrends half their age who end up as defacto parental child abusers.

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Anonymous said...

I'm not surprised at Kiro's comments, she is an ideologue of the so called new left.

What's telling is they are morally bankrupt and that's why they can't act for to do so shows them up as such.

The problem of child abuse is three fold and very simple.

1a. properly fund Plunket and empower their visits to NZ babies 2X a week minimum in the home for the first 6 months.

1b. Ensure that NZ Littlies get visited 1x week for first 3 yrs of life.

1c. reinstate and fully fund Plunket's telephone service 24/7 so they can liaise with their family nurses on the ground.

1d. Fully fund the suggestions of the Auckland child abuse expert countrywide at all Hospitals and clinics with children for reporting and examination..


2. those already in the system..
Properly deal with the 7,000 families who are at risk.
Private parenting courses fully funded by taxpayers.
They know who these people are they are on record in either WINZ, CYPS, INTERNAL AFFAIRS, POLICE, JUSTICE.

2a. Make sure people on the dole get random drug tests and have to account for the use of the money from US.

2b Make sure there is a clear path to dignity from start of dole through assessments and training or retraining to work.

2c. No plan (checkable) no money. No work NO DEBT, if on the dole it should be illegal to have debt.

3. For the future.
We have to change the dole so that people do not see it as an entitlement. We must not fund the dole to people who have multiple kids, and must not allow intergenerational dole family trees.

Hard, yes because we have allowed the problem to grow but it is do able.
If you really love someone and want to do the best for them you won't leave them enslaved.

I honestly doubt that there are enough people of honest moral fortitude to see this through in our Parliament.

Unfortunately they that otherwise they would have done something about it in the last two terms.