Tuesday, August 21, 2007

WINZ turns unemployed away to keep unemployment down

Work and Income has boasted that there are no 18-19 year olds on the dole in the Bay of Plenty Area because they are all in work or training. We now know why.

They applied but Work and Income said they weren't eligible because they weren't 20. So they turned them away. They wouldn`t even let these kids register as job seekers to access the courses they provide.

Yet the unemployment benefit is available to those 18 and over who are seeking work. Some have been told that they can't apply for the unemployment benefit unless they attended a course and then they could access the student allowance. This is unlawful. Particularly as some courses are dependent on registering as a job seeker with WINZ - which you can do without even getting a benefit.

Such people should be back paid benefit money from application and so benefit advocates are threatening court action against Work and Income staff who deny people entitlements. WINZ managers who blatantly deny people entitlements and access to training opportunities should be sacked if they are going to harass genuine job seekers for the purpose of denying beneficiaries their paltry $118.98 a week.

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Anonymous said...

I think you are being too nice.
WINZ workers who deny someone the right to register should be jailed as well as sacked.

We have a system in place as poor as it might be. Everyone who needs help must be registered and given the help to be productive and live a life with dignity.

The only way to deal to a corrupt system is to jail corrupt people.

How many WINZ workers would cheat and lie for their managers if they knew they were going to Jail.

If you work for the state and act corruptly you should go to jail and not pass go.