Sunday, July 15, 2007

Labour Cabinet Minister says Christians can't be Cabinet Ministers in a Labour Gov't

Taito Philip Field was told by senior Labour figures in 2005 that he had no political future because he was homophobic. Apparently he is a Christian, although, it appears, not a very good one. It's pretty hard to be a good Christian Labour Minister when you are surrounded by so many liars, spinners and siting at a Cabinet table where comments like "chinless scarf wearers" are acceptable when "faggot" isn't.

Field was also told by a "middle-ranking Cabinet minister" in a "heated exchange" that he would never be a minister because of his Christian beliefs. That minister is a male and is close to Helen Clark.

Blog readers can guess who that person is. There are 20 Cabinet Ministers. The middle rankers are ranked 7-14, the others are ranked top or bottom. Here are the middle rankers:
Trevor Mallard
Pete Hodgson
Parekura Horomia
Mark Burton
Ruth Dyson
Chris Carter
Rick Barker
David Benson Pope

Who do you think was the Christophobic Minister who told Taito Philip Field that he would never be a Minister purely because of his Christian beliefs? That's as bad as telling Chris Carter he should immediately hand in his Ministerial warrant because he is gay.

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Anonymous said...

You're Not suggesting that The Labour Party, that all inclusive every man's party would exclude anyone of principle and integrity?


I'm sure they aren't a bunch of Lying Communists in compassionate socialist drag, Forcing a GLBT Feminazi manifesto on middle New Zealand.

No David you've got it wrong.
It's all a right wing press Beat up.
Ask Guy Espiner he knows the truth!