Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Hell-o, here's your pizza

After being done by the Advertising Standards Authority for dropping condoms in letterboxes, Hells Pizza has produced a glossy magazine that is "available at all Hell stores". Not exactly a letterbox drop but the next step back.

You can see the magazine cover here with Nikki Watson on the cover and Labour MP Darren Hughes in the background. Prime Minister Hell-en Clark even makes the cover with her "secret plans to adopt 192 children".

However, what Hells Pizza don't reveal is that this magazine is being delivered to homes with pizzas. Consequently the Family First Lobby group has called for Hells Pizza to be boycotted and have made a list of what it sees as the offending statements over here.

If you think this breaches the Advertising Standards Authority you can make a complaint using their online form. It takes about a minute.

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