Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Study prostitution

Do you want to know more about prostitution? Well, education officials may be considering whether you can study it if people put proposals forward. Education officials also say such changes could go some way to boost quality and relevance in the sector.

I'm sure a range of guest speakers could be lined up - former Labour MP Georgina Beyer, David Lane from the Society for the Promotion of Community Standards, and Catherine Healy or Calum Bennachie from the Prostitutes Collective. David Benson-Pope could relay his experiences with B&D.

It will be interesting going on a field trip on such courses - perhaps one could combine it with some Wananga twilight golf studies and get a double hole in one - paid for with a student loan for course costs.

Heh. National calls the prostitution school PC poppycock


peterquixote said...

With them girl things and all that prostitution thing
what yous thinking about
check this fun, press link

Anonymous said...


Why not be able to study prostitution and how to do it?

It's not illegal is it?

Let's be honest now and not hypocritical, Once it was made "OK" legally.
That's what our MP's voting in our name did when they voted for the bill.

Prostitutes collectives everywhere have as much right as any other employer groups to campaign and tussle for the working minds of our children and others.

I mean it's not illegal is it?

All the Mp's who voted for it Knew this, I personally sent them an email stating this and know other did as well.
We did the same over the anti-smacking bill too.
So No MP can say they weren't apprised of this aspect.

They allowed this situation to come into being by their actions.

If People don't like Prostitution being on the kids study agenda. They must make sure they don't vote for any MP who voted for it!