Saturday, April 21, 2007

fat Tony

This is fat Tony. He is the Australian Exclusive Brethren trouble shooter who is staying behind to sort out the church’s sexual molestation allegations. Why fat Tony instead of Tony McCorkell?

Well, if you put your cursor over the above picture I flogged from the NZ Herald, then right click it, you`ll find out why – the photo is labeled fattony. (ht Tumeke), so someone in the Herald has a sense of humour.

In a ONE News interview, the Exclusive Brethren officially denied any knowledge of the abuse claims. The church's Australia based spokesperson, fat Tony, said he was "not aware" of the allegations.

However, after fat Tony asked the cameras to stop rolling, he admitted he had just come from a meeting where the sexual abuse claims were discussed - and said "I haven't even formulated my opinion on it yet".

Fat chance we`ll believe that, fat Tony! If I were you, I`d complain to the Herald over its appalling treatment of you.


Biby Cletus said...

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Anonymous said...

I too am ammused at the Fat Tony caption. Nothing new there, and certainly nothing offensive. I should make one comment though, Why misquote TV One? The interviewer asked what the church response was, and I said "I'm not aware of that".... maybe another look of the video will assist.

So, perfectly consistent with the position I've held all along. I met with some one about rumours, never got details, didnt have an opinion, wasnt aware what the church response would be.


ScrubOne said...

What got me was the way he said it. What was he thinking? Did he seriously think they wouldn't say something?

Anonymous said...

Theres one born every minute.