Sunday, October 15, 2006

be careful what you send on e-mail

I've thought a bit about posting on this but I have today decided to. Last month Jason Fortuny placed a fake sex ad online on Seattle Craigslist site with a sexually explicit picture of a woman he got from this person He wanted to see how many responses he got. He got lots - 178 people emailing private parts etc. Many of the men used their real names to contact the '27 yo sexy str8 woman', and some admitted they were married.

So he posted all the pictures online to this site (all links are work friendly if you don't go digging too far), including names, addresses, emails, mobile phone numbers including one unfortunate guy who sent an email of his mugshot and member from his work email address at Microsoft - a decision that has now totally ruined his life, and his wife's life. Fortuny then set his readers the goal of tracking down and outing the real life identities of as many of them as possible.

This has led to a huge ethical debate about breaches of privacy that has been picked up by the blogs, and media including the BBC

But my question is this: Should we be pointing the finger at Jason Fortuny who posted the pictures and details to get attention and to display his pathological sense of superiority - or the idiots who sent emails to him in response to the sex ad? Fortuny is clearly a prick, but surely if people post stuff online or to message boards or to email addresses, particularly from work email addresses, have they got a right to be annoyed when it subsequently appears online, or does it serve them right - or both.

What do you think?


A. J. Chesswas said...

I think full power to Mr Fortuny, but then what would you expect from the grand inquisitor of the blogosphere. Oops, don't tell any of my workmates I described myself that way!!

Point and case; why should anyone have anything to hide? Privacy rights suck. Go The Exclusive Brethren with their PIs, and go the Labour Party with their EB inquiry. Let us all point and laugh. Bring back the gallows!!

Anonymous said...

The old political axiom "if theres a microphone treat it as live " applies here.

the risk is there for ordinary people doing ordinary things at anytime.
so more fool them people who posted intimate stuff to people they didn't know.

Murray said...

A whole lot of idiots and one nasty asshole.

Can't say I'd be either suprised or give a rats if one of the idiots worked how to operate a weapon and plugged the nasty asshole.

Either way none of them are people I'd care to sit down to dinner with and one of them has caused a lot of pain deliberately and with malice.

Kama can be a real shit some days.