Saturday, October 14, 2006

The big whip around

Labour wants our money to pay us back for ripping us off.

They want money they pay us in family support, benefits, super and our Govt funded salaries to be used to repay the money that we paid to fund their election now that they have decided to pay it back. Confused?

A website called the big whip around was set up by Labour for this purpose - but was actually registerered before Labour announced that it would pay it back. Very dominatrix of them.

What they should really do with the site is have a running total of how much was pledged - and by whom. I`d give Labour $1000 ( well maybe $50.00) if it would fund my education exactly the same way as Helen Clark got hers funded.

If yo go to the Gen XY site they have some good suggestions of how to raise the funds - like Peter Davis operating nightlife tours of public toilets and David Benson Pope runnning camping trips in school holidays.

Perhaps we could put the Labour members of the Cabinet through a lie detector for the rest of this parliamentary term - and add a swear jar. Charge them $500.00 for every lie,swear word or blasphemous comment. Even phrases like "bugger", or "for Christ's sake". The money will be paid back in no time.And to assist with the next election we can levy them another $1000 every time they mention the Exclusive Brethren.

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Anonymous said...

Why do you have a comment about Peter Davis and public toilets?

Are you insinuating that He is a homosexual or bisexual on the prowl for "quick sex"

Sure he may live in a completely different city from his wife and not share the marital bed for weeks at a time but does that make him a homosexual does it?

Or have you been reading investigate magazine again?

I hope you don't base this comment on the article about Him needing consular assistance with law enforcement in the USA recently.

I have heard nothing about it from the local media like our DOMPOST so it can't have been anything can it?

We can't take the scurious musings of a magazine as gospel can we?

So if you have other info please post I'm all eyes.