Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Government is above the law

We don't have a democracy any more. We have a dictatorship.

We have a parliament that makes the law and a government that breaks the law and has no respect for it.

When politicians break the law they either have a prima facie case against them or they change the law, just like dictators. When us minnows break the law we suffer the consequences.

The Government, in introducing retrospective legislation on its election overspending,is not only trying to invalidate breaking the law, they may also be trying to avoid a lawsuit instead of fronting up in court. And doing it under urgency so that there is no scrutiny. The legislation will no doubt be passed - and what is to stop politicians saying that the overspending will not be paid any more becuase the law has been changed instead? Nothing, but if MP's do decide to pay the money pack, why should they have to get a pay rise to pay for it when everyone else do not get pay rises if they rip off their boss - or whoever pays them.

It is clear that at least some of the parties in Parliament do not want to pay back - and perhaps have no intention of paying back - what they owe and this law remopves their moral obligation to do so.

Instead, Labour MPs and some of their supprters are calling on Natinal to repay their GST amount that was overspent in error - and National would be happy to do thiat if it wasnt against the law. So why is Labour breaking the law and then advocating other parties to break the law also.

It's corrupt, thats why. United Future should not support the Govt on this matter and we should have a fresh election.

My vote at the next election will be influenced by todays vote. It looks like I won't be voting United Future, NZ First or Labour at the next election. As I don't like National's economic policies, Progressives are irrelevant, I have already had a run in with the Maori party, I may have to vote for the Green Party or Act.

Greens it is.

UPDATE You can read the bill here,. Will comment on it later. It's not as bad as I initially thought it would be.


Scotty said...

Sign the petition against this retrospective law:-


Anonymous said...

You're a silly boy sometimes.

Why not National?
They are no worse than the Greens

And why are ACT so bad?
Some of their policies are sane and would be for the good of the country.
We have to get rid of the culture of entitlement that has got it's grip on even the throats of the middle class now. We can never grow as we could with the albatross that we have around our necks.