Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Bye bye Brethren

So, Don Brash has finally severed contact with the Exclusive Brethren beause they hired a private detective to dig for dirt on Labour, something Jesus would never have done. Labour strategist (and chief dickhead) Pete Hodgson is calling it a flip flop. Yet it won't be nearly as much of a flip flop as one Hodgson will have to make should Labour pay the pledge card money back. It was Hodgson who said that Labour certainly won't pay it back even before the Auditor Generals final report. Now he's trying to influence the AG into the contents of that final report.


Enoch said...

unbelieveable the extent the lesbian left will stoop in order to cut of the very foundation of democracy, this really annoys me, and the sooner these communists are gone,the better

Lee said...

So you associate lesbians with communists? You see a connection? And here I was thinking that this situation is typical of any party that starts to believe that it is above the law and that the public is so stupid it needs to be told how to think. It never entered my head that they do this because lesbians. How silly was I?