Saturday, September 30, 2006

My child was stealing candy, your Honour

Justice Minister of the Netherlands has majority support for amending the Civil Code to make smacking (fessée) illegal, as is all other mental or physical violence against children in his country. The amendment would come into force in 2007 but it would still be acceptable to slap a child’s hands for such things as stealing candy. When the law comes into force, it will be accompanied by a publicity campaign and support programs for parents who are used to hitting for discipline.

Currently smacking is not permitted in the parental code, but it is not a criminal offence in the Netherlands. However next year it may well be, unless of course you smack your kid for stealing candy, in which case that is pretty much a reasonable force defence.

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Anonymous said...

I think they've got a lot more to worry about than stopping smacking naughty kids.
we live in a paradise compared to their social problems caused by illegal immigration and cultural clash.
his head must be in the clouds