Monday, September 25, 2006

I dont like this

Labour Minister Ruth Dyson wants to strip the Exclusive Brethren of labour law exemptions so that unions can have access to their workplaces because of their involvement in politics. Yet nearly all EBs who own businesses are not involved in politics. The heading Labour strikes back at sect illustrates vengeful politics which we don't need in this country.

Dyson claims the exemption is based on the Exclusive Brethren remaining outside mainstream political processes - which of course most EB business owners are.Yet the law actually states the basis of the exemption is on religious beliefs

If the Government want to seek revenge and run roughshod over people bcause they legitimately excercise political views against the Government, irrespective of whether they are based on religious beliefs, then what kind of a democracy do we have? Will voters be punished in some way for voting or campaigning for National at the next election if Labour get back in?

First the Auditor General gets told he is wrong, now the Exclusive Brethren are attacked. Althought the EB may be breaking their own rules; on the whole, they were doing nothing illegal, immoral or unjust in campaiging for National. Our Government is doing all three at the same time, and that is why they have taken a hammering in the polls.


Anonymous said...

Come off it, Dave. The Exclusive Brethren have a track record of making large covert campaign donations to centre-right political party.

National seems to oppose both campaign finance reform transparency measures, and industrial relations reform that would disadvantage its dodgy mates.

Convergent policy positions, anyone?

Craig Y.

Lee said...

Nah I'm with Dave on this one. The EB have the right to choose who they support. Other religions preach from their pulpits before election time, telling their parishioners who to vote for.

Labour are making a fuss (and foolishly National are playing right along) to hide the fact that they have "done wrong" with election spending. Diversion tactics.
Most EB firms pretty well only employ EBs anyway. People who join their firms would be under no illusion about what they are doing.

Lee said...

Labour are good at making a big noise when they want us to look elsewhere. Yes it sounds nasty.
What next - yellow stars?

ZenTiger said...

Labour are explaining here exactly why they do not want anonymous donations.

It allows then to focus legislation where it can provide the most protection to their voter base.

Labour spent 15 million on a tax payer funded TV advertising to say "You're better off with Labour". It was to advise their WFF package. Forget $500,000 spent on anti-green brochures, or $446,000 spent on Election Pledge Cards (other than the illegal use of funds issue) - the government is already set up to spend millions on keeping the incumbent party in power through their own media campaigns.

The EB are operating legally. It's the system we have, and their use of it is no worse than the Unions and other specials interest groups.

Fundamentally, if people really believe one anti-green brochure is going to convince people to vote National, then this is the issue to discuss, not people's rights to campaign and promote their viewpoint.

Dave said...

Craig, youre wrong...again.