Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Media bias

The British Telegraph, The Chicago Tribune and the New York Daily Newsare behind a Bush win today. So are Colorado's Denver Post, Michigan's Macomb Daily, Pennsylvania's York Daily, who supported Gore at the last election. So are the Arizona Republic in Phoenix, San Diego Union-Tribune, Houston Chronicle, and Dallas Morning News. And of the bloggers, Little Green Footballs have gone for Bush, and I wonder what Tim Blair thinks about it all.

But most of the media want John Kerry to win. Here's an example.
CNN's HOWARD KURTZ: "It is a tight race. Do you believe that most reporters want John Kerry to win?"
NEWSWEEK'S EVAN THOMAS: "Yeah, absolutely."
KURTZ: "Do you think they're deliberately tilting their coverage to help John Kerry and John Edwards?"
THOMAS: "Not really."
KURTZ:"Subconsciously tilting their coverage?"
KURTZ:"Including at Newsweek?"
KURTZ:"You've said on the program 'Inside Washington' that because of the portrayal of Kerry and Edwards as young and optimistic, that's worth maybe 15 points. That would suggest."
THOMAS:"Stupid thing to say. It was completely wrong. I do think that the mainstream press, I'm not talking about the blogs and Rush and all that, but the mainstream press favors Kerry. I don't thin k it's worth 15 points. That was just a stupid thing to say."
KURTZ:"Is it worth five?"
THOMAS:"Maybe, maybe."


Anonymous said...

What dio you expect Dave?

The old media are riddled with liberal (not in the truest sense) and PC adherants.

We increasingly go to the internet for our news as we have been disconnected from the matrix.

anyone want a red pill?


jarrod said...

Yeah, the media was clearly biased in favour of Kerry.

Accusing him of being a flip-flopper, of speaking in sentences that were too convoluted to understand, of not connecting with his base, of injuring himself to get medals in Vietnam - those were all just signs of their enduring love for him.

Fafblog has the last word on liberal media bias here.

Anonymous said...