Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Four more years , boys, four more years

OK, just got home from work and Bush has pretty much won the election. As of 15 minutes ago, after 97% of the votes counted Bush 52%, Kerry 47%When 63 % of the votes were counted the percentages were identical.

Bush is home and hosed. Just like I predicted all long. Trifecta!!

Check out this link for a good map of the results.

CNN has also just this moment reported that Republicans will retain control of the House of Representatives. The Internet sites are going mad! LGF has just posted the Ohio result about 3 minutes ago ( Bush win) and already has 197 comments - and climbing - on the post!!


Anonymous said...

I couldn't vote for George W. Bush.

I just didn't want John Kerry to win.

Thank you Mr Ralph Nader, you are a true patriot.
Thank you to the Swiftboat veterans who ensured the truth about Mr Kerry got out.

I hope it is enough as there are a lot of people in the US who didn't go to the website nor read the book, even though they may have seen the ads.

Anonymous said...

Mo (u)rning in America:

"No! No! Not him again!"
"Not another four more years..."
"I'm defecting to Canada..."
"Sorry kids, Granny will have to be privatised..."

Craig ;)

span said...

don't the girls get four more years too?

Anonymous said...

No, given that all of the election victories this
year have favoured incumbents, a certain She will
get three more years.

Anyway, I got this emailed to me yesterday from a
female Episcopalian minister friend of mine in

George Bush was on his podium proclaiming his belief that the election victory was "the Lord's doing, and
marvellous in mine eyes!"

At this point, the heavens opened, revealing an immaculate white dove, which alighted on the president's podium, carrying parchment which read:

Hey, don't blame Me. I voted Kerry.



Anonymous said...

Nice try, somehow I doubt that though.

God prefers His men to be absolute not flip floppers.

Heard the one about Kerry tripping over the cordless phone cord?