Friday, October 29, 2004

The poor rich

JT has been asked by some Labour officials to repay back some of the $195,000 granted by the Waipaerera Trust. Helen Clark has advised not to do anything until the QC inquiry is over as that would appear to be an admission of guilt.

If he is made to pay back some of the money, how`s the man going to "pay his mortgage and feed his kids"?

For that matter, how is Chief Judge Dame Sian Elias gong to cope if she has to stay on the right side of the Government" to get work after. retiring from the bench

Gee, it'll be really hard in retirement when you only get $272,000 a year, with a 25 percent government contribution to a superannation package.

Beverley Wakem, the chair of the Remuneration Authority, which sets judges' salaries has said the authority favoured a return to the defined benefit scheme.

"You do not want judges on the bench worrying whether they can make ends meet in retirement," she said.

What a joke.

Has anybody thought of asking people who get a bigger superannuation package in one year than most others will ger in their entire lifetime, to have a go at saving some of their income to make ends need in retirement. Just in case their huge superannuation package won't keep up with their chardonnay lifestyle.

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