Friday, October 29, 2004

How ironic

Just thought I`d squeeze this in…..I decided not to see a doctor today to get a medical clearance to have a request for an impaired performance at my exam, as it was too expensive, but thought I`d load up on drugs from the chemist. At least I`d have a greater chance of getting better -and it would cost less than half the price.

Then I see this story out today.
"Many New Zealanders are choosing not to see a doctor when unwell, are skipping medical tests, and not filling prescriptions because of cost, according to an international survey on primary healthcare performance."

So, there you go. I`d rather pay $25.00 to get something from the chemist than $70.00 to be told I`m sick and to go to the chemist - and pay a prescription charge. I'm not alone in avoiding doctors.

Perhaps the increasing number of people that avoid going to the doctor is the reason why access to doctors in New Zealand is scoring relatively well,.Sixty percent can get same day visits.

They obviously haven't interviewed any patients who go to the medical practice my doctor works for. Everyone - I repeat - everyone - in that particularly surgery is booked out today. This also happened last time I was told to get a medical certificate to present at my place of employment to prove I was sick for 2 days.

So it's just as well I don’t want to pay to go, then, isn't it.

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