Friday, October 01, 2004

more CUB select committee rubbish

"I want this Government to say my life with this man means something,” one submitter said. "Give me the chance, the very same you guys have. If he dies after 30 years together, I can still be excluded by his family for funeral arrangements."

Um, if the Relationships Bill goes through, but the Civil Union Bill doesn't, partners of a relationship will be legal next of kin and will not be excluded by family, so why use that argument in support of the Civil Union Bill. It is dishonest as saying civil unions will destroy marriage. Divorce laws have destroyed marriage way more than civil unions ever will.


Anonymous said...

This govt already has by writing the CUB and omnibus bill, what's he compolaining about?

as for CU destroying marraige, its a matter of dilution that is at the core.

If you can't see that you must be blind.

Anonymous said...

Actually the Government has indicated that if the Civil Union Bill is not passed, then it will withdraw the Relationships (Statutory References) Bill.

If you read the Relationships Bill, this is pretty clear as it includes Civil Unions in its definitions. If the Civil Union Bill is not passed, then it makes no sense to pass the Relationships Bill, as Civil Unions wont legally exist.

Dave said...

If you are right in saying that if the Government has said that if the CUB does not go through the relationship bill will not either merely indicates that the bills are not about equality, they are about gay rights. It also explains why the CUB vote is before the Omnibus vote. The Omnibus bill will affect more heterosexual than gays, and to not pass this bill if the CUB is unpalatable with MPs is to ignore select committee submissions on the bill purely because Helen, Tim and David's Big Bill has been ditched.

If the CUB fails and the Omnibus bill is ditched as a consequence, what does that say for the Governments commitment to equal rights for all citizens, given the Government' s apparent unwillingness to alter the bill to take out civil unions?

Watch out for Helen to threaten MP's in her party to vote for the CUB OR ELSE!!!

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, according to the NZ Herald's latest Digipoll, most Kiwis appear to have realised that the CUB isn't same-sex marriage, and do support legal equality for same-sex couples,
as long as we don't use the M word.

Majority support. Which means that we can now disregard the Christian Right's submission blitz, based as it was on an unrepresentative sample and probable low overall quality...

And for that matter, what about the Maxim Institute's vacuous remarks about imitating Australia? Why Australia? You don't see civil union advocates going around saying that we should pass same-sex marriage legislation, just because *Canada* has. Relationship equality legislation, yes. Same-sex marriage,no. Waaaay too soon. Or Scott MacMurray's comments about Sharee Adams, who is a qualified chef, Paul Adams' daughter (shudder) and a beauty queen, but not otherwise professionally qualified to talk about this matter...


Anonymous said...

You don't get it.
Ordinary people think homosexuality is unnatural.
full stop.
They just don't want to be seen to say that, because of your PC drive.
they don't have the integrity to tell you to your face.

no amount of changed laws is going to make that change. all it will do is shut them up more.
it won't change the way they think.

sure you'll get to go to school and shove it down the kids throats like in the US.
hell, why would one want to talk about fisting to kids anyway?

I can't believe that a school board would let people into the school to talk about that type of behaviour anyway.
even if it was a secondary school.
but I have the report even quoting the school.

but then anything goes isn't it