Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Herald Digi Poll

Lab - 40.8%
Nat - 36.0%
NZF - 5%
Grn - 3.6%
ACT - 1%
UF - 2.6%
MP - 1.5%
Destiny - 0.5 %
CHP - 0.3 %
PC - 0
Don’t Know - 5.5%

Another take on the latest Herald- Digi Poll is that although Labour has nearly five percentage points on National, Destiny NZ has polled nearly twice as much as the Christian Heritage party. United Future would be the 4th biggest party in Parliament if the poll translated into seats in the House… that’s if the Greens were unable to win an electorate seat. It also appears that most who vote for the Big Three - National, Labour and NZ First - would also pick their leader as preferred Prime Minister, although they wouldn't necessarily vote for their party's candidate in their electorate. It is the first September poll where Labour has registered under 42 percent. The three other polls had Labour at 42 percent.

But the "don`t knows" are still in third place in both the party and preferred Prime Minister polls. Only National, Labour, NZF and the Don’t Knows are polling above the margin of error.

So don`t read too much into it… Interestingly the SST poll in the weekend had 52 percent supporting Helen Clark as favoured PM, with the Herald Digi Poll giving her 42 percent. That’s quite a difference.


Anonymous said...

Why do I get the feeling that Destiny New Zealand and the CHP are courting one another, and that there'll be a strange-sect marriage announcement at some stage in the intermediate future?

And if so, will Pasta Tamaki be on top?!


Anonymous said...

.. I really dont know , Craig, did you dream it last night. Because you are wrong.