Friday, October 01, 2004

Naff off, PM

Who is Helen Clark, in her capacity as Prime Minister, to tell the Presbyterian Church to "move with the times", voicing her opposition to the Church's vote during the weekend where they announced that future sexually active clergy have to be married.

For one, Miss Clark is an agnostic, and secondly she doesn`t have a great deal of interest in the church. Thirdly the Church is supposed to get their cues from God and the Bible, not from Clark's lefty human rights principles. It’s a pity she didn’t praise the Church for its support for the Civil Union Bill. She`d rather voice opposition to what she doesn’t like rather then praise what she does like.

If the Church told Miss Clark to stick with biblical principles she`d tell it to get stuffed. But of course the Church is too polite to tell Helen Clark to get stuffed.

Miss Clark is a Minister of the Crown, not a minister of religion. She is as much of a Presbyterian as my dead grandmother, and has as much right as her to tell the church what to do.


Anonymous said...

Hey Dave

Why are the Presbys getting antsi over sex outside marriage, they already turn a blind eye to homosexuality and they're both as bad as each other in God's eyes.

Is there a denom meeting coming up?
You'd think they'd wise up in their bible schools and read ezek 33 & 34 for themselves.

As for die Furthrer, you read her quote in the advocate, she'll educate or outlaw anyone who doesn't think like she does.
It's only a matter of time.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, we can't have people educating themselves about these issues,can we? They might start to think independently!

And as a Labour supporter, I do disagree with the government over issues like Ahmed Zaoui's continued detention, banning the physical punishment of kids (the Greens are right on that one) and not immediately hiking the legal liquor access age back up to twenty-one.

As for the PM's statements about the Presbyterian stance, once again, double standards. She's allowed to criticise the stance of particular religious denominations and faiths. That's called religious freedom, and free speech, and like all NZ citizens, she is entitled to both.


Anonymous said...

Of Course Craig you are right
she is entitled to her opinion.

As Pm she has no personal opinion.
Not when she is driving a policy that is not fully undestood by the public.
has she referendumed the voters?
has all aspects of the agenda been discussed?
Has she fully explained the unintended consequences?

but then your lobby (1-3% of pop) want respectability and acceptance, which you think you'll get through changing the law to suit your personal behavioural choices.

The Presbys maybe finally have got it right.
I will believe it when they confirm in 2 yrs.
Better still if they throw out the listner editor from his position of eldership right now.
Now thats another hypocrite for you.