Monday, September 27, 2004


OK,Good to see that John Banks' campaign manager has resigned after admitting he was responsible for the letter box drop of this NBR article and others about Hubbard - after admitting that it wasn't necessarily the case "that he knew who was behind the letterbox drop. Hubbard is suing the NBR for $1.5m over the article.

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Anonymous said...

Is John Banks a Mason?

I know he uses his Christianity as draw card but he also uses Masonic wording and imagery too.

He's worried about Hubbard and that shows.
As for him not knowing anything about what his campaign manager did.

I wouldn't vote for him even if he was the only candidate.
I'd vote for them janitors dog first.

We need to get these crypto Christians out of managing our country.
I'm told Mulldoon got him into Freemasonary and look what he did to the country.