Tuesday, August 17, 2004

It's not just the police that need a review

No Right Turn seems to get things half right on the odd occasion -and he's done it again here He was commenting on this NZ first media release calling on the government to review the Domestic Violence Act as it had no teeth. NRT says we need to review the Police for not enforcing the law.

Gee, it's not only the Police that needs to be reviewed, the courts do as well. Hawkins really needs to have his ministerial warrant withdrawn as he is making a hash of his job. Last week he said that Police was well resourced. We all know that’s complete crap.

But it wasn’t only the Police that NZ First was addressing, it was the court system. Could it be that the Police are not enforcing the law because the courts will just delay things further? The Police do not adminster the law, officers enforce it. Well that’s the theory, anyway.

It is the courts who administer the law, and MPs who make the law.

I say review the whole damn lot. Lets get a proper justice system for once, instead of a hodge-podge rag-tag legal system that won't carry out police enforcement in a timely manner.

If the police and the courts have different interpretations of the Domestic Violence Act of course there will be no consistency. This act should have been reviewed as a matter of course with the Care of Children Bill.

But of course banning smacking and smoking, collecting money off speeding tickets to boost the Justice Ministry coffers, decriminalising prostitution, allowing civil unions, neeting shrek the sheep and watching test rugby are much more inportant to our politicians than a decent justice system.

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Anonymous said...

Oh David
you wicked wicked boy.
Poor Georgy porgy getting a tongue lashing yet again.
Do you really think he cares?

Shit, if he had half a brain and just an ounce of integrity he'd resign parliament tomorrow, let alone his warrant.

$7 billion dollars of our money in their kitty and he can't have the forethought to find $5 million to ensure every man jack of our policeforce have a stab or bullet proof vest when they go on duty.
That's not incompetence but criminal and surely he forfeit's his warrant at least.

Helen Clark maybe bright, but she's really got shit for brains if she thinks she can hide this portfolio behind Georgy's fat backside.
She pulls the strings at cabinet (collective responsibility my arse) this one is down to her and her other bright mate Michael.

If Big John Tamihere has to give her office 1st vetting on his media drivel then you can't tell me she doesn't wield the whip to the ex-policeman.

same story, man out of his depth put there by cunning cynical control freak to control.

Wake up NZ
especially you 400,000 who keep her lot there, they ain't your friends you know, they just control your income flow.