Wednesday, August 18, 2004

would you panic if someone put their finger up your bum

Alison Laurie, programme director of gender and women's studies at Victoria University,
had an interesting piece in The Herald today regarding a defence of "homosexual panic". The homosexual panic defence was presented on behalf of David McNee's killer, Phillip Edwards. McNee was killed by Edwards in his bedroom after he picked up Edwards for sex.

But if you had someone put your finger up your bum to try it out for size and you were not exactly happy with that, wouldn’t you object? Furthermore, does it really matter if that person was male, female, gay lesbian or straight? If not, why call it homosexual panic? Why not just "panic"

In saying that, and agreeing with Jordan I don’t believe the man should die just because he made a mistake. I wouldn't exactly use Alison's words either:

"Those who suggest that Mr McNee brought it on himself, and that somehow he deserved to die at the fists of an amateur and supposedly reluctant sex worker, are both homophobes and hypocrites

Well, I`d use strong words, but none of them begin with H. Nor would I say, as one member of the gay community said "Sorry David, it was your own fault!"

McNee did, however, contribute to his own death. So did the parole board for letting Edwards out early. So did the police for dropping the prosecution when Edwards allegedly confessed to breaking into the home of Judge Coral Shaw and her art curator husband Peter Shaw in September 2002. Mr Shaw said that he did not want to give evidence at the trial, but apparently was not told that Edwards had confessed to the burglary. As a result, Edwards escaped a further prison term that would have kept him inside, even taking into account early parole.

I can't help wondering if there would have been as much outrage had McNee killed Edwards.

Interesting, though that the Herald did not advise readers that Alison Laurie is in long-tem lesbian relationship, runs a lesbian radio programme,(which I used to produce occasionally),is a gay activist, and prolific author - and she has been so for several decades. It would explain her interest in such cases.

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Anonymous said...

You're right He didn't deserve to die and certainly not for indecent assault. Murder, rape, acts of terrorism maybe but a finger up the bum, shame.

Do you think he'll do it again?

I spent 7 yrs working as a policeman and I've seen this again and again, young men usually drunk or lonely, first time in a city, anxious even desperate and some nice guy who wouldn't say boo to a goose, takes them home out of the goodness of his heart.

And then it turns out later after they'd been beaten near to death or killed or robbed that they'd tried it on with the young man they took home.

Questioning some of the young men, when asked "did you go home with them to have sex", to a man they all said no way.

When questioned "did you have any idea that he was going to make a pass at you" again the same answer No way.

Even when asked "didn't you notice he was Homosexual?" the answer was either yeah but he was nice or no he just seemed quiet.

Of course some of them lied through their back teeth as they had been doing it hard on the streets either for a time or on and off.
Or they were going to rob "queers" or another label.

Some just wanted a feed and a bed.

Human nature I suppose, someone sticks their finger in your bum, someone you don't know from adam, who appears to be your friend and is helping you out and well, we're supposed take it in our stride.

I do wonder how many get date raped with Alcohol or Gsb or something and are too embarresed to say anything later.

I know for many Homosexuals who do get beaten, some of them view it as an occupational hazard.
For some it is an added edge for others a great fear "Is this the one".

I guess one should only take someone home to your place who actually wants your finger up his bum in the first place.
Seems sensible to me but then Humans aren't sensible are they?