Saturday, August 14, 2004

Brian Tamaki is a VIP - he is more important than any politician

I thought I'd find out how easy it is to get to speak with Destiny's Brian Tamaki. To have a bit of a chat. To find out about the "bad people". To compare views. So I rang the local Destiny Church and asked about it. I was told " It doesn't work like that - he's an important man - he runs a network of churches."

So does Catholic Cardinal Thomas Williams. So does Anglican Archbishop Hui Vercoe. Both run networks of churches bigger than Destiny will ever be, and both are easy to get hold of.

I said, "What do you mean, it doesn’t work like that - I can get a hold of a politician pretty easily. Politicans run the country."

I was then told that politicians are elected by men, but Tamaki is elected by God. As if that meant that due to him being elected by God, that he was a Very Important Man, and as such, he is Not To Be Contacted Easily. This local Destiny pastor told me that Tamaki was more important than any politician.

I then asked for the contact details for Tamaki - was told "you have a brain, I'm sure you can find out what it is." (sic)

A lot more was said. He even asked me if I was taking the day off work to go to his Enough is Enough rally.

I`d already had enough, so I terminated the call.

I betcha this Destiny pastor doesn't have to take the day off to go. His attitude was hardly one of what I believe Christianity to be.

I think Destiny is actually a hierarchy run by men who call themselves Christians, but their stance against gay people is more important than their promotion of Christian beliefs, the same way that MCC churches are more about promotion of gay beliefs than the Christian faith. As such, tarnishing Christianity or the church with the same brush as the Destiny leaders provides our nation with a warped view of what Christianity is all about.


Anonymous said...

"That they shall know you are my disciples for your love for one another".

it was good 2000yrs ago and surely must be still, I thought it was like wine and got better with age or is that brandy.
Oh well, what can I say mate, you get some and you get some.

rather someone hot or cold than luke warm ehh.
Have you noticed any churches selling all that they have and giving to the poor amongst them so that all have enough.

Is that what enough is enough was about?

I've often wondered how many F/T salaries, insurences, rentals or mortgages, telephones, secretaries, nada nada nada there is in this town let alone the world.

I read somewhere that the US church spends more in 52 days on chewing gum than on missions in a year.
Did you see that article about the US preachers owning their own jets?

I did wonder at how many F/T pastors families that would support in Orrissa province in India say?

Enough is Enough I say.

Anonymous said...

Im a 15 year old high school student and every time I hear the name Brain Tamaki I feel outraged. i have never really botherd with him but what really got me wound was the protest. the first thing i saw when it was on the news was that they had little kids that looked younger than 5 protesting, and that makes me really angry because i bet that they do not even under stand what they are protesting about. i think that the love of two people should be celerbrated even if they are the same sex.I am not a christian but i have talked to a few christians who told me that if i dont belive in god then i must belive in the devil. That is rubish! if i dont belive in god then why the hell would i belive in satin! Brian Tamaki is doing alright for himself by feeding people a load of crap.

Anonymous said...

I don't have to believe in God or the devil to know that "Homosexual Love" is unnatural and not according to design.

You look at a kettle or a chair and you can see it was made for something.
Same thing for everything and that includes us, what made us maybe is up for grabs.

The fundamentals of design and form aren't and especially not if you claim to be a thinking machine.

Take morals out of it as that can be considered a social construct, design isn't and it's common sense.

Unless you have a position to protect or a behaviour!

For if One were made for men and another women anything else is against design and therefore it's function.

Animals have homosexual sex acccording to the Discovery channel and so have humans for centuries in all cultures.

That doesn't negate design and function merely shows that we go against design and function.
I would argue for humans that That's a choice.

some argue that statistically it is devient from the norm as one group states it is 10% of population and aothers 1-3%.

We don't know that animals "love" like we do.
Rape can be power, who really knows if that animals aren't raping same sex in that way as a submission issue.
but that's a social construct too.

from a design perpsective the animals are against their design and will die out because of no progeny.
or maybe it's the "demons" like Christiandom believes.

I think it is a choice factor, not a behaviour due to that design shows function and that is clear logically to me.
some would argue that it is my social construct making me view factors in this way, but I look at a chair and see design.

I look at a penis and vagina and see design and ignore what surgeons can do because that isn't design.

That sexuality is a complex interweaving of hard wiring and software in the human species is true.
design points to the hardwiring and that logically tells me that we can override by choice, because it happens and we have a will.

I know that the "imprinting period" of the human is as a child and environment and peer and authority figures have a part to play in this.
The decisons made can be changed and psycologists know this too.

That's why I find their position untenable in that by not stating it is a behavioural choice, they are saying it is fixed.
and incidentaly that it is not "hate thoughts" to think that but logical.

That's why I think sexual orientation shouldn't be in a human rights act as it is a behaviour and behaviour will always be discriminated for or against as part of decision making processes.
even more so as part of formulating social and psyco-social constructs and that includes morals.

That aspect of humaness is intrinsically linked to worldviews and beleifs systems which may or may not be rationally thought through.

A Question, if you don't believe in the devil or God

how do you account for Good and evil then?

Anonymous said...

Brian Tamaki is a joke. He bases his ideas on such laughable evangelists as Creflo "pay more" Dollar and Benny "Hair piece" Hinn from the good old United States. The biggest sin one can commit in these cults is to refuse to hand over ten per cent of your income - and don't forget thats ten per cent of the GROSS not you net income. I don't think nz'ers will go for this approach too much - one of our endearing characteristics as a nation is our resistance to superficial bullshit - unlike the americans who drink it up like water eg witness the republican party convention....