Saturday, November 03, 2007

Its a bitter way with Labour - way bitter.

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Chris Knox has written a song that will be used in Labour's campaign. It's pretty good, but like many of Labours policies it starts well and goes downhill. The song is a bit repetitive towards the end. You can hear it here. Its called " Its a better way with Labour, but sounds like "its a bitter way with Labour".

Chris Knox is better known for his top 10 song "Not Given Lightly". The first line may be more appropriate for Labour. However I suspect Labour wouldn`t like it:"Hello my friends, its morning, time to wake now". Perhaps that will be the theme song for Labour's next conference.

Finally, here's Mike Williams criticising National at conference. And, strangely enough, he doesn`t have much to say!He says National wants to give tax cuts to people who do not need them, a bit like Labour has given WFF paynents to parents who dont need them.

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Fantastic stuff.