Tuesday, October 16, 2007

well done, Gordon Copeland

There. I`ve said what no other blogger has said before. Well done, Gordon Copeland. He has finally announced that he has walked away from the new non-existant Christian party. Now he can get on with his Future NZ party without the meddling hands of the Destiny rabblerousers. Maybe the new party`s national council will disband as well.

UPDATEActually the new Christian party has been announced as the Family Party which is essentially Destiny Party in drag. Richard Lewis is the leader, former United Future MP Paul Adams is deputy, and Taito Philip Field is not part of it. The Party has the same strategy as Christian Heritage - targeting one electorate and seeing if enough people vote for a candidate because it knows it won`t make the 5 percent threshold.

I wonder what their definition of "family" is. Also will they use THAT Sister Sledge song as the Party theme song. Will they launch the party at a reopened Family club?

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