Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Turn off the TV. Forget Facebook. Just give your kids some time

I don't watch TV (much). I do, however, have a Facebook site. For those who have kids, this article in the Observer is worth reading, and mentions two reports out last week.

The first says that our children are reaching primary school barely able to write their own names or string a coherent sentence together. The second, a study conducted by Professor Robin Alexander at the head of a group of Cambridge researchers, reveals that primary schools have been engulfed by 'a wave of antisocial behaviour, materialism and the cult of celebrity'

There is evidence to suggest that this generation of parents who were brought up on videos and instant visual gratification are not going through cooing routines. There are fewer nursery rhymes, less song, storytelling and reading. All this is taken over by TV, which leaves parents free to think about themselves and to work late.

I`ve probably spent more time with my kids this year than any other. Thats because I work and study from home. We have lots of books in the house, and yes, I do study late but the kids are in bed anyway.....

hat tip Kester who is a parent, blogger, and facebook friend. He may even watch TV sometimes....

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