Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Prominent blogger suggests banning marriage

Russell Brown is a nice guy. Quite likeable in fact. But his comment that marriage should be banned because singer Amy Winehouse - of "Rehab" fame - was "tipped" into hard drugs because she got married is not only erronous, its is stupid. Firstly, Winehouse did not get into drugs because she was married. Secondly her dad did not say that her marriage tipped her into drugs, as Russell has claimed.

What the article did say was that Winehouse hard drug use coincided with, not was caused by, her marriage of six months. What it also said was that Winehouse has put on a stone in weight since her marriage. So that weight gain has coincided with her marriage.

Gee, perhaps we should ban marriage. Why not ban de facto relationships as well. I know someone else who has put on a bit of weight since his. People are gaining weight due to entering into relationships. They should start doing drugs to lose weight or be single, forthwith. Especially Amy Winehouse. No relationships; no,no,no.

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Anonymous said...

Russell Brown is a nice guy but he does have a couple of hangups, one is marriage and the other is organised religion
Then of course there is the labour party, popular music and drug taking
But he is a good guy