Friday, July 27, 2007

Benson-Pope is gone!!!!

Sound like Benson Pope will be gone by lunchtime. TVNZ have done a useful chronology of cockups and managed to spell Benson-Pope in three different ways - perhaps to go with three different versions of his story. Benson-Pope will be giving a statement later on.

UPDATE He resigned before he was pushed. Well before lunchtime too. Now, I wonder if Ministry for the Environment boss Hugh Logan will be asked whether he Benson-Pope told him "I`m not having this woman working in my office" - and if he did so, whether Logan will reveal that.

Benson-Pope said he regretted his resignation but he had not done anything "inappropriate".

"I have had more than my fair share of personal abuse and attack from the opposition, their fellow travellers and parts of the media," he said in his statement, which he wrote last night after Heather Simpson called him and told him it was all over.

Most of the attacks were deserved, of course. Good riddance. Lets have a by-election as well.

Well done the media - particularly Duncan Garner. Well done the opposition researchers for question 6.Without you Benson -Pope would still be a Minister today.

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad he's gone only because He's a bully and I don't like people who act like that.

For me there is the conundrum of Mr Logan the top dog at Ministry wasn't able to say get Stuffed David.
Are his crew safe from political interference?
I don't think so.

Also Benson Popes hatchet man who made the now 4 phone calls all on his own.
He needs the chop.

Where was Mark Prebble in all this, surely he has the power to tell DBP that he's way off line.

I think this whole case is actually very serious especially as we now have Helen saying she shouldn't have been appointed to the job anyway because of her politics.
Which shows her integrity on this, that's why she didn't deal to DBP immediately as any person with integrity would.

The constitutional aspect of this needs a proper play in the media and hopefully they won't let her off the hook.

No I hope this grows even bigger and dangerous for Helen Clark.