Friday, July 27, 2007

Chief executive must have feared his minister was to be untruthful

Well now that Benson-Pope has gone there are other issues to determine. Environment Ministry CE Hugh Logan did not tell the State Services Commission that David Benson -Pope told him that he will likely be less free and frank with meetings involving Ms Setchell.

Benson-Pope never told the PM or the media that either - even when asked. He said he had no knowledge of the details of the case and referred everyone to the State Services Commission's report. Could that be because the offending statements were not in that report? Of course!

Because Benson Pope was expected to be economical with the truth about his involvement, Logan was loathe to reveal that his minister was not telling the full story.

Lies by omission. Logan should have told the truth too. Because he didn't provide the full truth possibly due to the expected behaviour of his Minister, he now has to do a report to State Services Commission bosses. How the SSC reacts to that report will depend on whether Logan keeps his job.

If Logan goes,he won't have a $110,000 backbenchers job to fall back on.


Anonymous said...

Maybe there is a climate of fear where ever DBP Goes or maybe it's whenever Helengrad is in power.
Who knows, I don't work in the top eschelons of the civil service.

Are Mr Logan's staff safe from political interference?

I doubt it and for that he must go as loyal and accomplished a manderin he has been.

The integrity of the public service has to be held up.

If that means we have to go through it with a scalpel and remove others like him then so be it.

What is being missed is that effectively Helen Clark's words (echoed by her late Minister and Now Mr Logan) mean that NO ONE who doesn't support Labour can work in the public service.

That is war on more than half the population. We are a nation of 4 million everyone knows everyone at some point.

For this reader For the good of the country, Helen Clark, her Minister DBP and Mr Logan are unsuitable for their roles.

Dave said...

There are bigger issues than that Mike, chief executives choose to be just as honest as their ministers. Barry Matthews doesn't tell the whole truth about his department, either, in case the minister gets in further trouble. And as for Peter Hughes.. well when you've had a minister like DPB of course he's economical with the troth also.