Tuesday, May 29, 2007

who said this?

(We) oppose any government policy that is driven by ideology rather than common sense. Unfortunately, the cards that the voters dealt out at the election mean that the government can usually turn to the Greens to advance those parts of its social and economic agenda.( clue)

this Parliament has no mandate from New Zealanders - I repeat,no mandate - to push through a Bill that is an out-and-out attack on the values of mainstream New Zealand.(clue)

Kiwis will no longer .... tolerate the narrow ideologies of others being shoved down their throats.( clue)

Why, surely not the MP who presented an amendment supporting and allowing a Green MP's ideological bill to further shove Labour's social agenda down voters throats without a mandate from the values of mainstream NZ.

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Anonymous said...

Dear David
Are you suggesting the person is a hypocrite?
and him a good Christian man too!