Friday, May 25, 2007

United Future stuggling for membership

United Future is in trouble. The party is bleeding members and it currently has fewer than 500 members. The party has an extension until August to do its return to the Electoral Commission and is on a frantic recruitment drive for members so as to stay registered.

If the party doesnt get the required members by August it`ll be deregistered. It will still have to do a return, but be an unregistered party. If UF don't get 500 members before the next election, the party will be the first party in Parliament unable to contest list seats due to lack of members.

And Judy Turner will be wise to transfer to Copeland's party on his list for 2008 as she`ll have no chance of being a United Future MP. Peter Dunne could have avoided all this by voting against the smacking bill. If United Future members were aware that Dunne's allegiance is more towards the Government rather than the party he leads, more would leave.


Chuck said...

Good post Dave, I agree with most of it except for Dunne's allegiance.

Dunne's primary allegiance is to Peter Dunne.

Nicholas O'Kane said...

What is the source for this story?

Dave said...

credible sources, I can assure you.

Matthew said...


so this is interesting news. Dunne has also said that membership numbers have been four to one in favour of joining since Copeland resigned. Does this mean the party is becoming more popular, but is coming off a very low membership base that is still under 500?


Anonymous said...

UF is getting what it deserves.
It seems it was clearly a vehicle for Peter Dunne not an actual party.
I think that only those people wedded to the personality of Peter Dunne will stay.

Thinking people will leave as no one likes a hypocrite least of all a liar.

To say the Dunne-Key amendment is a good compromise is a lie and people aren't that stupid.