Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I don't eat at Subway anyway

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I can't think when I last ate at Subway, but for a Dunedin Subway manager to go to the police when a staff member shared a drink of coke is appalling. To fire her is just as bad. I don't care that he is a new mananger. I think I will boycott the police as well for being stupid enough to charge the poor girl for this inconsequential "theft".

You won't catch me at Subway unless I am there to steal a $4.00 drink.
UPDATE Police have dropped the theft charge. Good.It's a shame it took international public condemnation Now,let's have this worker reinstated with compensation for unlawfully being sacked.


David MacGregor said...

Subway practice institutional dishonesty. Their advertising promotes 'diet' food but runs it in parallel with a menu that is predominantly as appalling as any other fast food chain. Bait and switch - is the technical term. The difference between their hapless former employee's actions and theirs is the magnitude and cynicism of their offence.

Heine said...

Dave M.
It worked on keeping the left wing anti capitalist fast food protesters away, until now didn't it? However I suspect that Subway has the capability of being far healthier than an average KFC meal. If people are stupid enough to believe that eating Subway every day is better than a balanced diet, then they deserve to be fat and lonely :)

This boycott was a bit silly. The girl commited theft and it should make no difference if she stole from a multinational or from a franchise... money is still lost and she broke a provision of her contract.