Thursday, May 10, 2007

Honesty in the Labour party

About a week or so I blogged about the head of the Law Commission's $10,983 donation to the Labour Party to assist Labour as part of its big whip around to pay for the pledge card debt.

So here we have a former PM, head of the Law Commission, who gives money to the Labour Party to get out of a debt as it broke the law. PM Helen Clark's response to criticisms of the payment:
Sir Geoffrey is the most honest, transparent individual you could ever come across.
It's a shame our PM comes nowhere near that ideal. It's also a shame that the head of the Law Commission has given a donation to a political party because it broke the law and then drafted an amendment to a certain bill that allows people to break the law without being prosecuted.

What kind of Law Commission do we have here? One that has more respect for the Labour Party than good law, obviously. The Law Commission is not the law firm for the Labour Party - or is it?

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