Thursday, April 26, 2007

Is Barnardos losing financial support?

There must be a lot of people pulling out of their regular support of Barnardos. We got a phone call from a telemarketing firm contracted by Barnardos asking us to set up a regular donation for the good work that it does. It's just that if they didn't put so much of contributors and taxpayers money into defending an unpopular smacking bill, Barnardos wouldn't be losing money from supporters in the first place, would it?

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Anonymous said...

Ever since the debate (that wasn't) at the Dog and Bone between Stephen Franks and Sue Bradford
I have not and will not give money to Barnados and plunket.
The intimation from those ladies that if we didn't agree with them then we were beaters and bad people will live with me for the rest of my life.
Stephen was agentlemen and Sue was a Liar.
The obnoxiously arrogent ladies just topped it off and all I have seen this whole campaign has been misinformation and out right lies from Sue bradford and her supporters.