Saturday, April 28, 2007

Destiny's Tiled

A new political party - Destiny's Tiled - could well be the end result of a political alliance with Taito Philip Field and Destiny having recent talks.

Oh dear.

Field has already got the required 500 paid up members to form a party, but no Christian-based party has ever got into Parliament - the closest was the Christian Coalition with 4.3 percent or so in 1996. In fact no party has entered Parliament post MMP without having a former or sitting MP, and of those that did, all but the Greens had their leaders elected as electorate MPs.

Cant see Field or any party associated with him getting elected - this just a ploy to get more funding to advertise his election campaign next year.


Mainly Politics said...

Actually the Greens did win a seat when the first entered parliament under their own banner (Coromandel in 1999). They lost it in 2002 but got over the 5% threshold.

It will be interesting to see what the response by the pacific churches is to Field. They do have quite a lot of sway in their communities.

Dave said...

MP, youre not quite correct.

Greens had their first MP elected as a list MP for the Alliance in 1996. The Greens left the Alliance in 1997, making the Greens represented in Parliament. So Greens first entered Parliament as a party by breaking off with the Alliance and thus its initial post MMP representation in Parliament was not because of an elected member - which is what I said.

Anonymous said...

Taito Field?
Have we seen a transcript of the tilers statement yet?

I wouldn't count my chickens if I were he?
It doesn't have to be illegal to be wrong!
Have a nice day

Anonymous said...

One awaits the final outcome of current police investigations with interests.

Hey, cute name for a party.Can I quote you on that, Dave?

Craig Y