Thursday, April 12, 2007

The All Black who slapped his wife

An All Black slapped his wife last month and was charged with assault. His wife called the police and made a statement when they arrived at the family home. The next morning she told police she did not want the case pursued - in other words, she wanted charges dropped.

But police refused to drop charges. Instead they wanted a conviction. They got a guilty plea, but he was discharged without conviction as the assault was minor and had name suppression lifted. Actually chiefs winger Sitiveni Sivivatu was discharged without conviction because he is a rugby player.

However, given that his wife dropped charges, he may have not even been before the courts. If a factor in police pursuing a conviction was because he is a high profile rugby player there is no reason why he shouldn't get off for the same reason.

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Anonymous said...

what about those we don't know about?
time we kicked all the pedestals into touch for all time for all cases.
lets have one law and procedure for all.
Though don't expect Helen Clark or The Labour Party to vote for it.