Thursday, April 12, 2007

20 hours free now 10 hours free

Steve Maharey gave out some forms at The Childspace Early Learning Centre yesterday to promote his 20 hours free childcare policy. The centre, in one of Wellingtons richest suburbs, says a parent can save up to $80.00 a week when it offers "20 hours free".

But the centre is not offering 20 hours free, and neither is the childcare centre that Maharey initially launched the policy from. What Maharey is actually offering is 10 hours free dressed up and under funded as 20 hours free. Heres how it works.

The Childspace Early Learning Centre charges $150 for 20 hours of childcare. If a child is enrolled for 20 hours their parents have to pay at least $70.00 for the privilege in "top up costs" - otherwise the centre's spokesperson Toni Christie, would have said that they save at least $150.00 a week for 20 hours of childcare.

But the Government doesn't want to fund $150.00 per child per week, which is why Maharey is not launching this in a poor community who cant afford top ups. If the child comes from a poor family they can get a maximum WINZ subsidy of $3.10 an hour per child to cover the shortfall - but why should they have to when the policy is 20 hours free? Actually, it doesnt cover the shortfall anyway...


Anonymous said...

What I get from this is that Mr Maharey is lying?

If he knows all these facts and is dressing this up without properly explaining to "the poor people" then he is a liar isn't he?

Isn't he held accountable to parliament for what he says as a minister some how?

To my mind if he really is lying on this, then he is bringing parliament into disrepute.

Surely the speaker is obligated to investigate this?
If they don't then are they bringing parliament into disrepute by not doing so?


Anonymous said...

if he knows and understands this but is saying sothing else that makes Mr Maharey a liar.

If his boss helen Clark knows he is doing this that makes Her a liar by extention.

If his cabinet colleagues incl MR Baubles out side cabinet also understand what he's doing, then they are also liars too.
What about Labours coalition partners??

Parliament is the highest court in the land but the members are liars?
Is that bringing the offices and institution of parliament into disrepute?

Ohh does the speaker know?
should we tell her?
will she do anything about it?

Don't hold your breath as they are all liars and hypocrites.
Truth, Honesty, Integrity bah humbug!

Anonymous said...

hang on dave.
people keep voting for these people no matter what they do.
What does that make us if we vote for them knowing what they are doing?

yeah Liars and hypocrites!

well that gets it said doesn't it.
Godzone is full of liars and hypocrites.

20hoursfree.please said...

Dave and Mike

You might be interested to read more about a petition that we (a group of Auckland parents) have started. Visit our blog
or email us at
We would love to hear from you or anybody else who is interested in this issue and wants to make sure that the Government is aware how unhappy parents are about this.