Sunday, February 18, 2007

Sunday Star Times publishes TV1 poll

Does anyone else think it is a bit strange that a television political poll paid for by the television station is publishedin the print mediabefore it is televised? Its not the first time it has happened either.

The SST has mentioned that the TV1 poll is to state that John Key is only five percentage points behind Helen Clark as favoured Prime Minister, but his party is seven percentage points ahead of Labour.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah dave, It's all a ploy to promote Key.
Notice how, like how no one questions (except investigate) the unions use of resources both people time equipment and monies to promote and finance the labour party.
But they do national as they are the big bad wolf?

personally I think the lot of them are as bad as each other except for helen clark who i think is the biggest hypocrite and liar of all.
But then I'm just a little guy on the outside of things.