Saturday, February 17, 2007

Death certificates on abortions

Do you think this is a good idea?? Death certificates for dead fetuses? You can get fetal death certificates for stillborn babies, can't you?

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Anonymous said...

Dave what a fantastic idea!
1. "fetus torn apart by suction machine death from massive blood loss due to dismemberment".
2. "fetus died from massive systematic shock due to leaching agent administered vaginally by doctor"
3. "fetus died massive blood loss and shock to system after placenta ripped from womb wall"
4."fetus died from ruptured organs from premeture birth whilst being expelled from womb too early"

we could include the compulsory reading of it by all little girls at school from puberty onwards so that they would be disuaded from not not going to their parents when offered an abortion by their left leaning teachers.
(yeah Im know giving up earned right to abortion without parents being notified whoo whoo)

yeah great idea Dave and while we're at it can we have untrasound pictures on T shorts for sale outised every abortion clinic?