Monday, January 22, 2007

God, god and agnostics

It's not very often that a religious agnostic, a pagan, a Christian and a newspaper columnist have a debate on God,god and agnoticism in the media.

Especially if it is an atheist who started it, and the religious self-confessed quasi-agnostic, Anglican Bishop Richard Randerson,who fueled it. Strange that Randerson has outed himself as a person who cannot prove knowledge of a God, nor even whether it is likely to know if there is a God. They are called agnostics in the Oxford dictionary.

PM Helen Clark says she is agnostic, she doesn't go to church. Opposition leader John Key goes to church with the kids, and says he holds the same position as Randerson. Randerson, however runs church services.Do all three have the same belief system? But this is what the Bish actually said:
In terms of the existence of such a being, an atheist is construed as a non-believer, an agnostic as one who feels it cannot be proved one way or the other. By that measure, I regard myself as an agnostic.

In other words, he doesn't understand - or want to encompass - what an agnostic is in terms of its dictionary meaning. He wants to be all things to all people in all religions and to all his mates in the Human Rights Commission, but says he is a believer in God (or is it god. Yet he considers that there is no way to substantiate that belief. He prefers to think of God, not as a supernatural being, but, quote. "I feel much more in tune with some of the ancient Celtic ideas where God is Spirit, God is love, God is life. Energy that flows through creation". So what is the basis of his belief? Relativity? Its certainly not the expression of the creeds.He has since said he he did not describe his belief system as agnostic, but used the word exclusively in relationship to a particular image of God, in that he can't be scientifically proven. However he also said that he feels uncomfortable about doing prayers in public that have an exclusive Christian ending. So perhaps he could get down from the pulpit and give the job to someone else a little closer to God.

An agnostic is someone who doesn't believe that you can prove whether God exists or not. A Christian is someone who has a relationship with God. How can you have a relationship with someone you doubt exists? Perhaps he wants a gong like Geering.

Finally here's the oath that Randerson swore to the Anglican Synod.
We are determined by the help of God to hold and maintain the Doctrine, Sacraments and Discipline of Christ as the Lord hath commanded in his Holy Word, and as the Church of England hath received and set forth the same in 'The Book of Common Prayer'... and in the Thirty-nine Articles of Religion; and to transmit the same unimpaired to our posterity.

Does he still believe it, and believe in God? Can he communicate that belief so that others can also believe?If not, what's he doing as a Bishop? If he was a car salesperson he`d be sacked.

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