Monday, January 22, 2007

19 troops killed in Iraq on Saturday

Sometimes I wonder whether this war in Iraq should be renamed coalition of the killing. On Saturday 19 troops died, one of the worst days for US forces. Thats not including the troops who were killed on Friday either.

Yet in the scheme of things, 19 in a day is not that shocking - although it may be newsworthy - when at least four times the amount of civilians die every day. In an average week about 560 civilians fill coffins in Iraq due to the war.Is that what George Bush wants? Where is the media coverage of that or is it so normal it is not news any more.

Perhaps Bush is happy with the lack of media coverage of civilian deaths. But if 3000 people killed in the twin towers is worthy of mournings every year, it is pertinent to note that that rate of killing happens in Iraq every six weeks.

It is ironic that the 21,500 extra troops that were announced nearly match the Iraq civilian death toll for 2006 alone.


Anonymous said...

Keith Locke called the invaders "the coalition of the killing" way back in 2003 when George Bush called it "the coalition of the willing."

Anonymous said...

I know exactly how you feel Dave. No matter how many people die in Iraq everyday, BUSH does not give a damn cause all he cares about is WAR & POWER. He is evil! They should've hang him with Saddam!