Thursday, November 02, 2006

what the hell's going on?

Has you five year old kid showed you the latest advertising gimmick from Hells Pizza that has appeared in your letterbox? All hell is breaking loose at the Family First lobby group, who is encouraging people to complain to the Advertising Standards Authority because the advertising for the lust pizza mentions how to use a condom. To date ( ie in the past 18 hours) the ASA has had 40 complaints, mostly online, and so Hells Pizza has to respond to the ASA by Monday, which is not a hell of a lot of time as most get 14 days to respond. Then the ASA board meets on Tuesday to decide what the hell to do. About 50 percent of complaints get uphelled.

Family First wants you to Boycott Hell. Sheesh, there's even a song about it

UPDATE Hell seems to have cooled down a bit, It has
launched an Abstinence Pizza

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