Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Oh, those Christians

Dn you think it is a little weird that a most unlikely party (Labour) is setting up a Christian wing to counteract the beliefs and views (and money) of a group of Christians ( the Exclusive Brethren) - and they ask someone who is not a Christian ( Paul Morris) to advise them how to do it?

Isn't that a bit like getting David Farrar to advise the United Future Conference how to set up a gay wing because he knows a thing or two about the gay community?

Then Labour gets a "lapsed Anglican" -whose father so happens to be a vicar - to be the party spokesperson on the issue. Then they backtrack really quickly and call it a religious wing, rather than a Christian wing. If Labour wants a religious wing, at least they could get someone religious to be the spokesperson - like Ashraf Choudhary perhaps. Or even a Christian, if they can find one.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah right.
now that's an oxymoron.